Special Neural Engineering Seminar (Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017)

Event Time and Location: Wednesday, October 18th @ 3PM in Steinman Hall Rm 402

David J. Christini, Ph.D. (Vice Dean, Weill Cornell Graduate School Professor, Department of Medicine Weill Cornell Medicine) Utilizing intact cardiac cell electrophysiological protocols to create more robust computational models

Abstract: The traditional paradigm for developing cardiac computational cell models utilizes data from
multiple cell types, species, laboratories, and experimental conditions to create a composite model.
While such models can accurately represent data in limited biological scenarios, their ability to predict
behavior outside of a narrow dynamic window is limited. This talk will describe novel
electrophysiological protocols that aim to densely sample the dynamics of intact cardiac myocytes. The
information-rich data from such protocols are then fit using complex parameter optimization
algorithms to tune multiple model parameters at one time. By so doing, this approach yields cell
models that fit wide-ranging cellular behavior, making them better suited to make physiological and
pathophysiological predictions.

Neural Engineering