New Editorial: The “Quasi-Uniform” Assumption in Animal and Computational Models of Non-Invasive Electrical Stimulation

Brain Stimulation 6 (2013): 704-705

Marom Bikson, Jacek Dmochowski, Asif Rahman

From the articles ” Computational models of transcranial stimulation predict brain current flow patterns for dose optimization. Translational animal models aim at elucidating the cellular mechanisms of neuromodu- lation. Here we identify and define a ubiquitous assumption under- lying both computational and animal models, referred to herein as the “quasi-uniform assumption”. Though we attempt to rationalize the biophysical plausibility for the quasi-uniform assumption based on the limited electric field gradients generated during stimulation, our goal is neither to justify nor repudiate it, but rather emphasize its implicit use in a majority of modeling and animal studies. ”

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Neural Engineering