MIT Technology Review cover our study om “A smartphone-connected device that delivers electrical stimulation to the head.”

Device Changes Your Mood with a Zap to the Head
A smartphone-connected device delivers electrical stimulation to nerves in the head.

By Kevin Bullis on November 10, 2014

The market for products that relax or energize is worth billions of dollars worldwide….Next year you should be able to buy a small device that uses electricity to change your mood at the press of a button on your smartphone. The device, from a startup called Thync, currently consists of a set of electrodes connected to a phone. It has a short-lived energizing effect that feels a little like drinking a can of Red Bull….Marom Bikson, a professor of biomedical engineering at City College of New York, recently used a prototype of Thync’s device in a 100-person study (funded by the company) that focused on its calming effects. Bikson says the study showed “with a high degree of confidence” that the device has an effect, although the results varied. “For some people—not everyone—the effect is really profound,” he says. “Within minutes, they’re feeling significantly different in a way that is as powerful as anything else I could imagine short of a narcotic.

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