Dec 4 – Marco Sandrini seminar at CCNY on neuromodulation

The causal role of dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in human episodic memory

Marco Sandrini, NINDS-NIH

Episodic memory is a neurocognitive (brain/mind) system that enables human beings to remember past experiences. Previous neuroimaging studies have shown the involvement of dorsolateral prefrontal (DLPFC) in this type of memory. In this talk, I will provide Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation evidence that this brain region plays a causal role in episodic memory. In a series of studies I will show findings showing the contribution of left DLPFC to encoding and of right DLPC to retrieval. Finally I will show a recent study about reconsolidation, showing that right DLPFC plays a critical role in strengthening of episodic memory. I will conclude indicating future studies in this research field and the possibility to use reconsolidation as an new opportunity to modify existing episodic memories, an issue of critical clinical impact.

Time / Location

Dec. 4, 12:15 P.M., MR/801

Neural Engineering