Jacek Dmochowski

Assistant Professor of The City College of New York (2015- Present)

Research Associate at Stanford University (2013-2015);

Consultant at Neuromatters LLC (March 2014 – Present ); 

Scientific Advisory Board at Soterix Medical (2011 – 2013); 

Post-Doctoral Research Scholar at The City College of New York (January 2009 – May 2013) 

Currently working as a Research Associate at the Stanford Vision and Neurodevelopment Laboratory, I develop novel techniques for multidimensional signal analysis to investigate neural information processing in the human brain. In parallel, I am one of the pioneers of multichannel non-invasive brain stimulation and continue to advance methods for modulating human brain function using transcranial direct current stimulation.Education(2005 – 2008) Université du Québec – Institut national de la recherche scientifique , Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Telecommunications(2004 – 2005) Carleton University , M.A.Sc. with High Distinction, Electrical Engineering(1999 – 2003 ) Carleton University, B.Eng. with Distinction, ElectricalElectronics and Communications Engineering






(June 2013 – Present) Research Associate at Stanford University

(March 2014 – Present ) Consultant at Neuromatters LLC

(January 2009 – May 2013) Post-Doctoral Research Scholarat The City College of New York

(2011 – 2013) Scientific Advisory Board at Soterix Medical

(2008 – 2008) Intern, Audio Center for Excellence Broadcom

(2007 – 2007)  Intern, Commun. and Collab. Services at Microsoft





Predicting response to stimulus(Link)

United States 2014,059,234

Issued April 17, 2014

2 inventors: Jacek Dmochowski and Lucas C. Parra


Speech separation with microphone arrays(Link)

United States US Patent 8,144,896

Issued March 27, 2012

3 inventors: Z. Liu, P.A. Chou, and Jacek Dmochowski


Neurocranial electrostimulation models, systems, devices and methods(Link)

United States WO Patent 2,010,120,823

Issued October 22, 2010

5 inventors, including: Marom Bikson, Lucas C. Parra, Abhishek Datta, and Jacek Dmochowski

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