Dr. Bikson presents at NANS 2018

Dr. Marom Bikson provided several presentations at the North American Neuromodulation Society annual meeting. 2018. Jan 11-14
1/11/2018  Continuum of Care from Wearables to Non-Invasive Neuromodulation: Opening Remarks (Dr. Bikson co-chairs this pre-conference symposium) – Slides PDF CoC_Opening3_REDUCED

1/11/2018 Principles and Technology of tDCS – Slides PDF PrinciplesoftDCS_REDUCED

1/12/2018 No effects of high-rate (multi-kHz) electric fields on brain slice on excitability  – Slides PDF Bikon_NANS_Slice2_REDUCED

1/13/2018 Temperature Increases by High-Rate Spinal Cord Stimulation Slides PDF 2018_Bikson_Temp_REDUCED