Author: Niranjan

New Paper: Non-invasive modulation reduces repetitive behavior in a rat model through the sensorimotor cortico-striatal circuit

Download: PDF published in Nature, Translational Psychiatry – DOI Henriette Edemann-Callesen, Bettina Habelt, Franziska Wieske, Mark Jackson, Niranjan Khadka, Daniele Mattei, Nadine Bernhardt, Andreas Heinz, David Liebetanz, Marom Bikson, Frank Padberg, Ravit Hadar, Michael A. Nitsche & Christine Winter Abstract Involuntary movements as seen in repetitive disorders such as Tourette

New Paper: Intracranial voltage recording during transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) in human subjects with validation of a standard model

Download: PDF published in Brain Stim- DOI Zeinab Esmaeilpour, Matija Milosevic, Kleber Azevedo, Niranjan Khadka, Jessie Navarro, Andre Brunoni, Milos R. Popovic, Marom Bikson, Erich Talamoni Fonoff Abstract During transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) weak (1-2 mA) currents are applied across the head, producing low-intensity electric fields in the brain

New Paper: Motor cortex and spinal cord neuromodulation promote corticospinal tract axonal outgrowth and motor recovery after cervical contusion spinal cord injury

Download: PDF published in  Experimental Neurology- DOI N. Zareen , M. Shinozaki , D. Ryan , H. Alexander , A. Amer, D.Q. Truong, N. Khadka, A. Sarkar, S. Naeem, M. Bikson , J.H. Martin Abstract Cervical injuries are the most common form of SCI. In this study, we used a

New Paper: The differential effects of unihemispheric and bihemispheric tDCS over the inferior frontal gyrus on proactive control

Download: PDF published in Neuroscience Research- DOI Jorge Leite, Óscar F. Goncalves, Patrícia Pereira, Niranjan Khadka, Marom Bikson, Felipe Fregni, Sandra Carvalho Abstract This study examined the effects of bihemispheric and unihemispheric transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) over the inferior frontal gyrus (IFG) on proactive control. Sixteen participants were randomized

New Paper: Spatial and polarity precision of concentric high-definition transcranial direct current stimulation (HD-tDCS)

Download: PDF Published in Physics in Medicine & Biology- DOI  Mahtab Alam, Dennis Q Truong, Niranjan Khadka and Marom Bikson Abstract: Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasive neuromodulation technique that applies low amplitude current via electrodes placed on the scalp. Rather than directly eliciting a neuronal response, tDCS is believed to modulate

New Paper: Design of Wireless Intra-operative pressure sensitive reticulated head (WIPOX2)

Download: PDF published in Journal of Medical Devices- DOI Sarantos C, Bekritsky J, Khadka N, Bikson M, Adusumilli P Abstract We developed and validated a first-generation compact handheld device for real-time wireless monitoring of tissue oxygen saturation during surgical procedures termed wireless intra-operative pulse oximetry (WiPOX). Based on clinical experience gained in

New Paper: Principles of Within Electrode Current Steering (WECS)

Download: PDF Published in Journal of Medical Devices- DOI Niranjan Khadka, Dennis Q. Truong, Marom Bikson Abstract Within Electrode Current Steering (WECS) is a novel method that enhances reliability and tolerability of tDCS. The underlying assumption of WECS is steering current within electrodes but without altering current distribution in brain target. Through

Niranjan Khadka gave a presentation at the Annual Biomedical Engineering Day and Award Ceremony on May 01, 2015

BME Day, May 01, 2015, Department of Biomedical Engineering, CCNY Wireless Pulse Oximeter (WiPOX): Its Clinical Implications and Challenges The WiPOX provides a tool for surgeons to objectively and reliably measure tissue viability during surgery rather than rely solely on their subjective visual inspection. Tissue ischemia is a major cause