Author: Marom Bikson

New Paper: Neuromodulation of Axons

Neuromodulation of Axon Terminals Cerebral Cortex, 2017; 1–9 doi: 10.1093/cercor/bhx158   Download PDF:NeuromodulationofAxons Darpan Chakraborty, Dennis Q. Truong, Marom Bikson and Hanoch Kaphzan   Abstract: Understanding which cellular compartments are influenced during neuromodulation underpins any rational effort to explain and optimize outcomes. Axon terminals have long been speculated to be

Neural Engineering Seminar: Laurent Koessler on EEG source localization

Friday 6/23 at 3 pm in CDI 3rd floor conference room (3.352) Laurent Koessler from CNRS and Lorraine University will be speaking Title:  Brain source detection and localization using multi-scale EEG recording. Abstract: In drug-resistant epilepsy surgery investigations, epileptogenic zone and brain functional areas localization are required. This localization relies